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Gretchen Wollert is an excellent writer. I found...Lincoln and Trump easy to read, creative, and intriguing. I never thought of comparing the two Presidents, but she makes...good analogies.

Bob Russell- Pastor, teacher, author, bobrussell.org

First, I think it is exceptionally well done. You present your case in a very structured, detailed, and documented manner, which gives it credibility. Second, you did a rather magnificent job of painting a portrait of Trump, who on his best days is a very complex man, in a way that elegantly captures the quirks and mannerisms that endeared him to millions, despite his obvious flaws. Third, I appreciate your journalistic honesty in also portraying the complexity of Lincoln's character. Too often he is placed on an iconic pedestal that hides the ugliness of some of his actions and decisions (which ironically is the opposite of what happens to Trump in the eyes of most political pundits). I found [Born to Fight] to be honest, entertaining, insightful, and with a healthy dose of fresh information.

Jim Keena--Author, Educator, and Champion of Freedom, jameskeena.com

"I recently read #borntofightlincolnandtrump. Chapter #6.
I enjoyed the style & content.
Get a copy & balance out your perceptions &
learn what is not being shared by the Leftist media.
The comparisons between Lincoln & Trump are quite good.
We just celebrated Lincoln's birthday &
still so many know so little about him.
He was amazing, just as our President Trump is.
Neither is perfect, just accomplishing great things."

Richard Aronin--Professor of Management at New York University

This is a great read that is very eye-opening. The reference in Chapter 10 to Lincoln's description of "a house divided against itself" speaks to our country today. The book draws many surprising parallels between the two presidents, as well as our country during both time periods.

Amazon Customer

This book is full of fun and very entertaining while educational. I enjoyed every minute more about President Lincoln and the parallels to President Trump. A must read for historians, students and those interested in the politics of today.


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