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For many years, scholars have stated that history is known to repeat itself. According to Gretchen Wollert, the 2016 election did just that. In her debut book, Gretchen uses over four years of research, along with her bachelor's degrees in English and History, to dive into the similarities between Presidents Donald Trump and Abraham Lincoln.

How can these two presidents possibly be similar? Find out when Gretchen's book hits shelves in February 2021.

What research went into writing this book?

Growing up, Gretchen Wollert always loved history. One president stood out above all others in her mind: Abraham Lincoln. This historical icon was known as a man of honor, honesty and humility.

Flash forward to the 2016 election when less than half of the population voted for America's newest president and many despised him. However, something about Trump's story struck a chord with Gretchen Wollert.

After reading 46 books, watching endless hours of media videos and archived interviews and diving into an unfathomable number of articles and news releases, Gretchen has concluded that the two presidents are more alike than most people realize.

Has history once again proven to repeat itself? Learn more about the links between these two presidents by reading Gretchen's new book in early February.

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