See Lincoln and Trump like never before

Until you line up Donald Trump next to one of America's greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln, you have only partial grasp of what makes him tick. Influenced by round-the-clock news coverage, commentary, and social media dialogue, a divided citizenry are drawn to intense debate like moths to the flame of the year-round sport of politics with a 24/7/365 scintillating source of conversation and, at times, rage. Born to Fight is the calm in the storm (or the fan for the flame!) It dares to bring together two apparent polar opposites, put them through the meat grinder of history and public perception, and bring them back out the other side to reveal two political icons amazingly alike. Evident on hundreds of levels including the turbulent times in which they governed, both Lincoln and our 45th president are revealed with such startling resemblance, yet the clarity to spark renewed or even novel appreciation for these deceptively kindred American originals.

Wondering what those similarities are? Get your hands on a copy of Gretchen's groundbreaking new book in February 2021 to find out.